Thursday, May 3, 2007

Blogging Feminism: The Journal

For the next few posts, we are going to provide excerpts from some of the journal articles currently up over at the Scholar & Feminist Online. The wonderful authors of the articles are going to be available for discussion, so comment away!

The first article is from Part I: Cyberactivism and Online Movement Making.

In “Race, Sexuality, Cyberactivism and the Legacy of Rashawn Brazell,” Marie Varghese argues that "blogging as an act serves to refocus the lens and add more depth to the available images of queer experiences in the US." Varghese’s work provides a poignant example of the importance of new media in providing a voice for the marginalized. Using the case of the online “netroots” response to the brutal murder of Rashawn Brazell, Varghese shows how cyberactivists were successful calling attention to the violence which is common to LGBT people of color, but which receives little attention in dominant media discourse.

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